MiFi Dongle

MiFi Dongles are the new Wireless technology that offers a LAN across multiple devices. A MiFi Dongle is not really a dongle, more like a portable WiFi router that allows you to connect to the internet where ever you are. This makes the MiFi ideal for those of us who spend alot of time travelling and are sick of the terrible connections associated with 3G dongles.

Currently on the UK market is the Huawei E586 which offers HSPA+ coverage, which is alot faster than 3G. Although only the three network is currently offering monthly broadband deals for this device. This means that whilst speed will generally be faster than 3G, you will still have deal with certain “coldspots” where the three network doesn’t reach.

What is MiFi?

MiFi – My WiFi, is a wireless and mobile network provider. You can connect it up to a modern mobile phone and use it as a WiFi hotspot. Or you can get a monthly contract on the MiFi itself. Either way the MiFi offers you a portable wireless network that you can connect to up to 5 devices such as a laptop, tablet, games console or mobile phone.

3 MiFi Review

In terms of installing and setting up the MiFi it is incredibly simple. Just connect the battery and insert the sim card and you’re ready to go. Connecting it to your laptop or other device is the same as connecting to any WiFi. You can get a MiFi on a pay as you go contract or a pay monthly contract and even through another device that acts as the WiFi hotspot such as your mobile phone.

MiFi Pay Monthly Contract

Pay monthly contracts for the MiFi range from just £10 a month on a 1GB usage capacity and up to £20 a month for 5GB. You can choose from either an 18 or 24 month contract.

You can also get the MiFi on Pay as You go with you having to pay the price for the device itself. The cost to buy the Huawei MiFi is around £50 and then you simply pay for what you use, with tariffs for daily, weekly, and monthly periods as well as for 1GB, 3GB or 12GB usage allowance.

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Bad Credit Internet Tips

If you have bad credit or if you have no credit history at all then some broadband providers may make it difficult for you to get their service. This is primarily because they often give you routers, free gifts and other items that are worth quite alot of money.

The problem comes when they only charge say £10 per month as then they are taking a risk that the customer will pay a set number of months before they get into profit.

Our Bad Credit Internet Tips:

- Check your Credit Report as it will highlight any problems on your file.

-  Apply with only the companies show on our Bad Credit Internet Deals Page.

- Apply in a partners, sharers name until your credit rating improves to allow you to take on a contract yourself.

- Try an internet package without a router and buy a router yourself seperately.

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Bad Credit Mobile Broadband

If you are always on the move you may want to get Mobile Broadband. In the past mobile broadband has been quite hard to get approved for. This is made harder if you have bad credit.

We reccommend you try and get approved with these networks in order:

T Mobile



Other tips to consider for Bad Credit Mobile Broadband are:

- Check your Credit Report this can often show up problems that stop you getting approved.

- Make sure all of your details are correct and make sure you try and put everything in as accurately as possible.

- Get on the electoral role if your not already.

- Try and avoid offers with free laptops and computers as they have very low approval rates.

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Welcome to Bad Credit Broadband

Welcome to Bad Credit Broadband where we show you how to get your hands on internet access without the providers declining the credit check. Some providers don’t credit check and others are more leanient with bad credit customers.

Have a look around the site and if you have trouble getting a mobile phone apply at Bad Credit Mobile Phones.

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